Telemetry department of "Locator" CJSC offers a wide variety of remote data collection, remote control of process and telecommunication solutions which are adapted for the control of such resources as drinking water, irrigation water, sewer, gas and energy networks.

Data transmission and process control equipment of both well-known European producers and "Locator" company own production, the installation of which is carried out by the specialists trained in the educational centres of “Locator” CJSC producing companies, are applied in the solutions.

"Locator" CJSC has developed “Go-SCADA” LOCATOR monitoring and control system. It is a web based multi users system which allows to implement real time control and objects monitoring, to get analytical reports for different time intervals. The system gives an opportunity to restrict users permissions and as well as has history logs.



In Armenian market "Locator" CJSC introduces products of French "Lacroix Sofrel", German "SEBA KMT", Russian "Vzlyot" companies, which have many years’ standing in the sphere of telemetry and the products of which play leading roles in European market.